My First Client

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“I haven’t made the best decisions in life,” Maria said slowly, gazing at her fiancé across the table. “But I love my London escort job. I’d never give it up. You know that, right?” When Carl nodded, Maria exhaled a soft sigh of relief. “Good,” she said. “I just wanted to clear that up before I started talking about any of it. I won’t go into too much detail…but I’d love to tell you about my first client. It was actually rather awkward, but I had fun.”

The fact that Carl was forty-three and engaged to twenty-seven year old Maria both relieved and confused the dark-haired female. At first, she thought it was perhaps because she was an escort. London girls had that problem lately, it seemed; meeting guys, dating them for a while, then finding out they only want the men only wanted to get married to have bragging rights for being married to an escort. Not many took it seriously, took it for what it was: a real job with real work that didn’t always pertain to being a slut.

“I was eighteen,” Maria said, settling more comfortably on the couch. “I was having a hard time paying rent, and my friend’s sister had been an escort in London for two years. I asked her to recommend me, and she actually had me sleep with her before she did so she knew I wasn’t going to end up getting complaints.” At Carl’s interested look, Maria laughed. “She took me to a hotel room downtown and told me I had a lot to learn about being ‘sexy.’ She showed me how to dress properly to entice men and women, she taught me conversational skills…she was the first girl to let me put my head between her legs.”

Maria nearly laughed when Carl’s eyes blew wide. “I’m supposed to be talking about my first client,” she pointed out. “I was talking to men for at least a month at a time, but I kept backing out. I finally got desperate and agreed to meet someone I had been talking to for a while on a dating site. He offered me nine hundred pounds for the night.

“I made some pretty dumb moves, but he was good at making me comfortable. His hand was on my thigh the whole time we were at the restaurant, and he kept moving it up, pushing my dress up with it and leaving it where it settled when he moved his hand back down. He finally did get his hand all the way under, and he had me gasping and writhing in the chair, right in front of everyone…if they noticed, they never said anything.”

That was one thing Maria enjoyed quite a bit; sex in public. She was sure she was going to end up arrested one day. “He didn’t even want me to return the favor,” Maria continued. “Surprisingly enough. He had his hand under my dress for nearly two hours…I must have finished at least four times. When he walked me to my car, he had me up on my trunk and used his fingers and his tongue. And he still didn’t want the favor returned.”

Carl’s eyes were still wide, and they had darkened a bit with arousal. Maria smirked and crawled across the couch to settle in his lap. “How about I show you what I could have done?” she murmured. Being good at her job had its perks.