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The bar was dimly light with the faint reddish hue of sepia lights. There’s a soft jazz music in the background while occasional laughter and soft-spoken conversation of the patrons filled the area. It was a lazy Friday evening and she made the perfect picture of ‘lonely lady sitting with a glass of untouched martini in front of her’ as requested. She stared at the glass and pursed her nicely reddened lips. Just for the night.

“Fancy meeting a lovely lady like you here” a suave and playfully confident, voice spoke next to her. The previously empty spot next to her was filled with tall dark and handsome.

Her eyes took in the golden cufflinks on his wrists, the white suit… “Have you been waiting long?” he sounded slightly concerned, more amused, and that pink silk tie alone probably costs more than her evening dress, “You even dressed up like how I requested to the escort agency.”

“You look great in red by the way.” He said looking her up and down, “Mmm, the things I could do with you…”

A shiver ran up her spine when she saw how his gaze raked her body, gaze hungry and eager.

She finally picked up her glass and sipped from it. Her eyes stayed on fixed on him as he watched her lap at her drink, sucking languidly at the olive when it was all gone. He was a piece of work; the black and white suit hugged the curves of his body lovingly, blond hair gelled back, and a sharp smile that she swore could kill a woman if he chose…

“Vincent, right? That’s what I can call you?” she said, licking her lips in anticipation, “You’re certainly one of my more…peculiar customers since I started as a London escort.”

His eyes were now staring straight into hers, having finished cataloging all her assets…

“Yes, I would like it very much if you moan my name all night.” He said with a self-deprecating smile as if he knew exactly how cheesy that sounded.

“And your name is…?”

“Heather,” she said voice low and deliberately seductive.

“Heatherrr,” he repeated, purposely dragging the last syllable of her name and letting it roll off his tongue like honey from a stone jar.

“Mmm… Call me anything you like, Vincent, as long as it’s my name that you moan out first”, she replied coyly, matching him cheese for cheese. She studied him through her lashes, batting them playfully.
“Oooh we’ll see about that”